Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Song for Mom

It's a special Mother's Day post!
We dedicate this song to our beloved mother whose prayers never end for the good of their children .. We love u, mom ... :)

special thanks to:
Agis who has written this song and Saiful for this awesome guitar instrument.. :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Cute Playing Bunny

I know, I never post something useful lately. Well, it's just another doodle. Created with Corel Draw and a little creativity of me. Have I said you before? I do love decorative art. Especially an art (as if) created by a child. Do you think that I am childish. I don't deny that, cz I think so! :D

Here I drew a cute rabbit playing with his ball over the grasses. :)

Really cute, isn't it? :D I use it as my recent desktop wallpaper. It makes me feel 7-10 years younger. :P

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I'm Ready for The 5th Semester

Whoaa! Go to campus again, task again, test and quiz again. No matter, I'm ready for the 5th semester. Here my desktop wallpaper to make me keep motivated ^^ :

Sunday, July 10, 2011

There's No Long Holiday for Me

Happy holiday for my blog readers and all of my friends! You could enjoy this long holiday with family or friends. You could have some vacation with them or  just staying and lazing around at your home. Yeah, just enjoy it while you can! Because I'm here, not as lucky as you are. I can't leave Malang for a long time, because there are so many things I have to do here. Now I'm working as instructor of Pelatihan Aplikasi Internet (Internet Application Course) in my campus. Therefore, there's no long holiday for me. :(

pelatihan aplikasi internet - participants of my class

I started this job from 2 weeks ago. It doesn't have any big difference with my job in Infotech UMM. Even I can't enjoy my long holiday, I think this job is not really bad. I could increase my experience and friends there. :)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

How to Hack

[update] This bug has been patched by admin. If you're still trying to use or apply this hacking tutorial, I'm not responsible for the blocking of your NIM by admin. :)
Hey, readers! I'm so glad because I just finished this my first hacking tutorial. :) Well, in this post I will tell you how to hack a website named What the hell website is that? And why should we hack this website? OK, firstly, lemme tell you that is a website used by students in my college to see their test score and IP (Indeks Prestasi). This site requires NIM (Nomor Induk Mahasiswa) and PIC (Personal Identification Code). We should have those both then we could see ours (test score and IP).

Pic 1

Just open the website, enter both your NIM and PIC and select which scores do you want to see.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Craziest Thing I've Ever Done!

Well, well, well. Just like the title above, I'll tell you about the craziest thing I've ever done. What's that? Singing at Pasar Minggu! -____-

Pasar Minggu means Sunday Bazaar. This bazaar only available on Sunday. Someday, my friends and I went to there. Actually I was not really interested to buy something there. So I just walking and look around. Till we're arrived at some Siomay stand, we were resting there and some of us bought Siomay. And at that moment, there was a pengamen (street singer) came to us. He was singing an old song to entertain us (I really don't know what song that was). After that pengamen finished his song, suddenly my friends, Afif, borrowed his guitar and gave it to me. I was so shock. And all of my friends forced me to sing a song with that guitar. Arrgh, damn! Damn! I didn't know what should I do. And do you know what's happening the next? Yeah, I finally sang a song. T_T

She Will Beloved by Maroon 5. I think my voice wasn't really good nor really bad. :P And I could entertain my friends and people around me at least. *LOL* It's might I should give a thank to Afif for recording and uploading this video. :D

Monday, May 2, 2011

Android Wallpaper Created by Me

Hey everyone! I just created an Android Wallpaper. I really love this cute robot. Make it to a wallpaper is a fun thing to do for me. :)

It looks like this in my desktop.

Just feel free to download it. :)

Friday, April 22, 2011

I Created My First Song

It's very hard to believe that I finally able to create a song. Actually, I didn't create it by my self. Of course I still need some help from my friends. Yes, Putra created the Reff part of this song, and Yudhi gave me the suitable tone to create the bridge part. Thanks to both of you, guys.. :)

I played this song with my friends. Might this group could be called Infotech Band. Hahaha, we don't have any idea to give it a name. Infotech is IT Laboratory Assistant Organization in my campus. I've recorded a video when we were playing this song.  Anyway, just check this video out. You could find the lyric below the video. Enjoy :)


Infotech Band: Yasir (guitar), Saiful (guitar), Putra (bass), Yudhi (drum), Ilham (vocal)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Simple Name Card Design

Hey, reader! Sorry for not posting anything for a long time. :D Yeah, just like always, I was kinda very-very busy. :P Well, in this post I want to share one of my design portofolio. It's exactly name card design. Here we go:

FYI, actually I created this design was for fulfill my DAMG (Desain Aplikasi Mulitimedia dan Grafis) course task. I created this with Corel Draw X3. No matter which version of Corel Draw do you use. It's just a simple design, right? :D

OK guys, that's all. Hope you'll be inspired to create another great design. :D Is this post too short? Hehehe.. Sorry.. Just like I said before, I'm kinda busy recently. And now I should prepare my self for my middle semester test next monday. Wish me luck, guys! :D

Thursday, February 3, 2011

How to Prevent Spam in Cbox

Are you using shout box in your blog or website? Yeah, it's also called guest book. Cbox is just one of many third parties who provide it. Your website/blog visitors can leave some comments or messages instantly and easily. FYI, I also use Cbox in this blog. I like this gadget because it's free and easy to use. But, please see my Cbox! There are so many spams that pretend to be my blog visitors.

As you can see the image above, there are so many spams! How can I know that those messages are spams? I just roll my mouse cursor over the username, then my browser (Mozilla firefox) will show a short link in the left-down side. The real visitors or blogwalkers are rarely to add their short link, it always full link. Well, what's next? Indeed, you can manually remove those messages from Cbox dashboard. But, of course, it takes a much longer time. You should always check your Cbox and remove those kinda messages everytime those messages are added. It annoys you, right? so, what should we do? OK, just keep reading this post, guys. :D

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Computer Graphics: 3D Bouncing Ball

I have promised that I will share my final tasks in the last semester to this blog. OK, firstly I will share my Computer Graphics final task. I created 3D Bouncing Ball using Java Programming Language. Ups sorry, I didn't create it by myself. I just modified it. Greg Hopkins is the real creator of this program. Originally, this program was too simple. You could just see a ball bouncing up and down. So, I modified this program till it becomes more interesting. :D

The image above is the screenshoot of modified program. I added some property: stop button, x speed, y speed, z speed. Ah yeah, this program could interact against user. So you can control each property, including control the scale of ball. Well, here the instructions:

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

It's Now Finally Over!

Woaa! I still can't believe it. All of my task and test are now finally over. And it means HOLIDAY! :D Yeah, because of those complicating things, I couldn't update this blog. :( Well, that's ok. It's now finally over. So I can write a post again. :D

I arrived in Lumajang yesterday. This town is just so nice for me. Of course, it's my hometown. Ah, my parents! They spoil me so much! Here at home, I don't have to clean my room, wash & iron my clothes, etc. I'm just free. :D

Okay, enough for talking about my home. In the next post, I want to share about my final tasks. Computer Graphic, Database Design, and Algorithm & Data Structure. I think it would be nice to share here. Okay, just wait it, guys! :D