Thursday, February 3, 2011

How to Prevent Spam in Cbox

Are you using shout box in your blog or website? Yeah, it's also called guest book. Cbox is just one of many third parties who provide it. Your website/blog visitors can leave some comments or messages instantly and easily. FYI, I also use Cbox in this blog. I like this gadget because it's free and easy to use. But, please see my Cbox! There are so many spams that pretend to be my blog visitors.

As you can see the image above, there are so many spams! How can I know that those messages are spams? I just roll my mouse cursor over the username, then my browser (Mozilla firefox) will show a short link in the left-down side. The real visitors or blogwalkers are rarely to add their short link, it always full link. Well, what's next? Indeed, you can manually remove those messages from Cbox dashboard. But, of course, it takes a much longer time. You should always check your Cbox and remove those kinda messages everytime those messages are added. It annoys you, right? so, what should we do? OK, just keep reading this post, guys. :D