Thursday, January 27, 2011

Computer Graphics: 3D Bouncing Ball

I have promised that I will share my final tasks in the last semester to this blog. OK, firstly I will share my Computer Graphics final task. I created 3D Bouncing Ball using Java Programming Language. Ups sorry, I didn't create it by myself. I just modified it. Greg Hopkins is the real creator of this program. Originally, this program was too simple. You could just see a ball bouncing up and down. So, I modified this program till it becomes more interesting. :D

The image above is the screenshoot of modified program. I added some property: stop button, x speed, y speed, z speed. Ah yeah, this program could interact against user. So you can control each property, including control the scale of ball. Well, here the instructions:

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

It's Now Finally Over!

Woaa! I still can't believe it. All of my task and test are now finally over. And it means HOLIDAY! :D Yeah, because of those complicating things, I couldn't update this blog. :( Well, that's ok. It's now finally over. So I can write a post again. :D

I arrived in Lumajang yesterday. This town is just so nice for me. Of course, it's my hometown. Ah, my parents! They spoil me so much! Here at home, I don't have to clean my room, wash & iron my clothes, etc. I'm just free. :D

Okay, enough for talking about my home. In the next post, I want to share about my final tasks. Computer Graphic, Database Design, and Algorithm & Data Structure. I think it would be nice to share here. Okay, just wait it, guys! :D