Sunday, July 10, 2011

There's No Long Holiday for Me

Happy holiday for my blog readers and all of my friends! You could enjoy this long holiday with family or friends. You could have some vacation with them or  just staying and lazing around at your home. Yeah, just enjoy it while you can! Because I'm here, not as lucky as you are. I can't leave Malang for a long time, because there are so many things I have to do here. Now I'm working as instructor of Pelatihan Aplikasi Internet (Internet Application Course) in my campus. Therefore, there's no long holiday for me. :(

pelatihan aplikasi internet - participants of my class

I started this job from 2 weeks ago. It doesn't have any big difference with my job in Infotech UMM. Even I can't enjoy my long holiday, I think this job is not really bad. I could increase my experience and friends there. :)