Monday, January 23, 2012

My First Day in Kalimantan

Once again, just like my previous long holiday, I can't waste it with my parents and families at home. Sadly, but what could I do? :( This holiday, I go to Kalimantan. No! Not for vacation. It's my college duty to do PKN (Praktek Kerja Nyata) in there. At PT. Thiess precisely.

Two days ago, I went there with Misbah. I was feeling little nervous because (well it's embarrassing) it's my first airplane ride. :p For about 90 minutes we arrived at Syamsudin Nur airport. It was raining when we were waiting for Kak Agus (Misbah's friend) to pick us up from airport.

Syamsudin Nur airport. It was raining.

Since we've traveled a long time from Malang to Banjar, we were so hungry. Then Kak Agus treat us Soto Banjar. Ayeey! :D

Kalimantan typical food: Soto Banjar
It's my very first food I ate in Kalimantan. :D When we were eating it, there was some old guys played Kalimantan traditional music called Panting (sorry, I'm not really sure about the name :p).

Panting. Kalimantan traditional music.

But the fun is just begin. Kak Agus took us to play around a big Mall in Banjarmasin. We watched movies in 21. Sorry for this blurred picture.

XXI movie

5 Days of War. This movie tells us a story about reporters in Russo-Georgian war. Click here for details.

5 Days of War

And, can't leave without visit it: Time Zone! :D

the Time Zone!

We played a lot. And won a lot. :D

go Kak Agus, go Misbah! :D

Tickets! Come to papa! :D

a hundreds tickets. :D

That was really fun. And after that, I was wondering: hmm.. It's my only chance to play around. Because after this, I should keep focus to do my duty here. BTW, thanks a lot to Misbah and Kak Agus for making my first day in Kalimantan really-really nice. :)

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