Friday, October 5, 2012

The Programmer Tried to Draw

I've been busy with some game project lately. Of course, as a programmer. I found a lots of fun here. in game development, there are so many jobs which is divided according to each person's skill. Such as game designer, artist, programmer, sound engineer, etc. working as a team like this is very awesome for me.

But suddenly, I think what if we switch our job some time? I.e. artist become programmer, sound engineer become artist, and so on. Haha, then I think what if I become a game artist? Obviously, it's very hard for me to do. But I just wanna to try. what is so wrong here? :)

Before I start to become a game artist, i surfed the internet. Yeah! gathering some reference and tutorial. And I found this: Well, I think 2D arts is not so bad for beginner. More over, it's written "for programmers", very interesting. :)

I found more fun than i thought before. I am very enjoying this till now. The result? here. :)

Hmm... what game it will be? Bomb the Sheep? I didn't think this art will be for a real game. Anyway, for a beginner, it is not bad, isn't it? ;)

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