Tuesday, February 28, 2012

How To Play Gameboy Advance (GBA) Games on Android

This last 2 weeks, I've been really busy to catch and collect so many rare Pokémons. Catch Pokémons? In a real life? Nope, of course not. :D I just started to play my old favorite Gameboy Advance game: Pokémon Fire Red! :D

It doesn't mean that I have a Gameboy Advance device. I just use my Samsung Galaxy Mini (with Android 2.3.4 Ginger Bread) to play it through an emulator. Is it possible? Of course, I've tried it. :D Anyway, it's a fun thing to play some classic-nostalgic games on your Android device. :)

How to do it? Here the steps:
  1. You need a GBA emulator for Android and GBA bios file. I recommend Gameboid emulator because it's free! If you are too lazy to google and find it by yourself, so just simply click the link below and extract the contents to your Android phone. gba for android
  2. The package contains 2 files: gameboid.apk and gba_bios.bin. To make it easier, put these file into a single folder.
  3. Simply install gameboid.apk and open it.
  4. Locate gba_bios.bin and open your GBA rom file. If you don't have any GBA rom file, you can search and download here: http://www.coolrom.com/roms/gba. You can find so many other site similar site like this in the internet. So, just google it. :)
And, TADAAA! Now, you can play all of your  Gameboy Advance games on your Android device. :)

Interesting, isn't it? It feels like I have the real GBA device. Unfortunately, this app doesn't support link to other device feature. I hope this feature will be added by it's developers soon. :)

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Anonymous said...

Hey I, was wondering, when you say that you just open the apk file. How do you do that?

Ilham Hasymi Effendi said...

you should install gameboid first before you open it. :)

ud13n said...

wah,terima kasih banyak atas infonya..
akhirnya bisa main kingdom hearts,pokemon dll di galmin.. :D

youtikz said...

why no play in my phone sir i install gameboid.! but the fire red is not play??

Nancy M. Dukes said...

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